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Waxing Services

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Brow Arching

Arch and shape your eyebrows to add appeal to pull out your expressions with our brow arching service that won't have your tweezing for hours.


Basic Brow

Get the basics done in the area of your face that is easily overlooked in your daily routine: the eyebrows. We didn't forget; come on in!


Lip Waxing

Remove any unwanted hair from using a timeless, semi-permanent method of hair removal and sculpting through our lip waxing service here at Capillo.


Chin Waxing

We all miss a spot; even the best of us. Don't worry about it and come on in to Capillo to experience what we have to offer in chin waxing and more.


Full Face Waxing

Touch up and add a striking appearance when you visit to have a full face waxing that will remove any unwanted hair in those hard-to-reach spots.


Basic Bikini Waxing

Get ready to show off your body (without any unwanted hair) when you get our basic bikini waxing that will have you smiling all day long.


Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Experience smoothness with our Brazilian bikini waxing that takes care of sensitive areas in a discreet environment, handled by professional artists.


Half Leg Waxing

Going "all out" with your waxing doesn't need to be every inch when you're too busy; our half leg waxing will fit perfectly into your schedule.


Full Leg Waxing

Save yourself hours of shaving by having your leg hair waxed and removed under the careful precision of our skilled salon professionals.


Underarm Waxing

Remove the hair that we all hate the most: underarm. Our salon artists will be as delicate as possible when you come in for an underarm waxing.


Full Arm Waxing

Get rid of unwanted arm hair with our full arm waxing service that will have you looking silky smooth and soft to the touch.


Back Waxing

Back hair? Not any more! Come in to Capillo for our back waxing service under the work of our trained, skillful salon artists.


Brow Wax & Tint

Get the ultimate treatment for your eyebrows with our brow waxing and tint service that will add definition and color to areas that need to shine.